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Burbage Primary School


Staff at school took part in e-Bug training in November 2023.  This was aimed at raising awareness of antimicrobial resistance which has become a public health concern.  The session included information about antibiotics being less effective the more we use them and how there are key hygiene measures we can easily use to help prevent becoming ill.  Handwashing is one way we can help stop the spread of microbes.  Teachers will be revisiting handwashing practices using e-bug lesson plans which have been developed with teachers and scientists, and are accredited by the ‘The Association for Science’. 

Is handwashing in schools important? 

Yes! It is one of the most effective ways of reducing and preventing the spread of infection.  


We would like to promote hand washing as the winter months are upon us to try and reduce the amount of illnesses that are often around during this time.  Please feel free to access any of the information using the e-bugs and NHS links for more information. 

Further information via the e-Bugs website: 

Handwashing guidance from the NHS: