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Music is taught throughout the whole year in weekly lessons, using the Charanga music scheme. It is either taught by the class teachers or a specialist music teacher. As well as this, some classes have external music teachers, delivering whole-class instrumental tutoring, via the Derbyshire Music Hub ‘Wider Opportunities’ scheme.  

Charanga music modules build upon prior learning and cover a range of musical skills, including: reading music, listening to music, playing music and composing music. Children progress from basic music skills (eg picture notation/untuned percussion) in EYFS to reading and composing, using advanced music skills (eg playing as part of an ensemble/reading and composing using standard musical notation) in Year 6. 

Our music scheme covers a wide variety of music, with children studying a range of diverse musical genres from, for example: classical, rock, pop, blues, jazz and world music. 

Children also listen to the works of many diverse famous composers from a wide range of genres and historical settings, during assemblies, each week. Each composer is learnt about for two weeks at a time. Children also learn a range of songs to sing together during assembly time.  

As well as this, we have a range of extra-curricular peripatetic music teachers on offer in school. We currently offer lessons on: piano, drums, violin, guitar and ukulele. We also have a KS2 Choir.  

We take part in a variety of enrichment opportunities, such as: external musicians coming in to work with/perform for, the children (Including: The Benedetti Foundation, Singing Stars, Wider Opportunities and Toscana Strings) and we also take part in – and host - Music events within the community (Infant Music Party and The Big Sing). 

 Music Long term plan

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 Music Knowledge and Skills progression: EYFS

music skills and knowledge progression eyfs.pdf

 Music Knowledge and Skills progression: KS1

music skills and knowledge progression ks1.pdf

 Music Knowledge and Skills progression: lower KS2

music skills and progression lower ks2.pdf

 Music Knowledge and Skills progression: upper KS2

music skills and progressions upper ks2.pdf