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Burbage Primary School

Anti-Bullying information

We are currently working on the Anti-Bullying Alliance's, United Against Bullying Programme. This programme involves gathering views from and working with members of our school community (including children, parents, carers and staff) to allow us to continue to achieve our school vision of our pupils growing up as happy and kind young people with empathy for all; our school being a safe and supportive place and a place where individuality is nurtured.

Throughout the year, our aim is to involve the children more in anti-bullying initiatives and to develop children's roles in school to support our school aims.  


What is the United Against Bullying Programme? 

The United Against Bullying programme is the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s free whole-school anti-bullying programme. It supports schools to reduce bullying and improve the wellbeing of all children, focusing on those most at risk, including children and young people with SEND, children and young people who experience racist and faith-targeted bullying, sexual bullying, homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, looked-after children, young carers and those on free school meals.  

The overall aim of the programme is to establish United Against Bullying Schools. These are schools that have evidenced their work to reduce bullying and improve the wellbeing of all pupils. 

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Further information can be found here on the United Against Bullying webpage.

Anti-Bullying Policy



Each year, across the school in November, we take part in Anti-bullying week. The document below shows just some of the activities the children have taken part in, in different teams across the school.