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Burbage Primary School


We seek feedback on a regular basis from pupils, parents, visitors and other members of our community.  This page contains some examples of recent feedback received.

We encourage and welcome informal or formal feedback from parents and carers.  Parents and carers are encouraged to contact their child's class teacher or another member of the staff team as early as possible should they have any queries or concerns.

Parent View Survey

Our parental survey, matching the questions used by Ofsted at the point of school inspection, is available for all parents to complete three times per school year (Autumn, Spring and Summer terms).  Please click here to access our most recent Parent View outcomes.

2023 academic report feedback

Please see some examples of feedback from our July 2023 academic reports below:

***'s SATS results were amazing. He’s worked really hard to achieve his potential due to all the hard work the teachers and TA’s put in. I’m so happy at how much he has improved in his spellings and English in general.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work through his entire school life at Burbage.  Y6 parent.

Thank you for ***'s report. We are really pleased to hear how well she is doing at school and thank Mrs Swain-Fossey and the wider team for all their hard work this year. *** is particularly enjoying reading and maths. I don't know if she put her suggestion in the suggestion box in the end, but told us she would love a day a bit like sports day, but all about doing hard maths.  Y3 parent.

Absolutely fantastic! We are really proud of *** and the progress she has made with Mrs Walker. Mrs Walker really helped to develop ***'s resilience and confidence over the two years she has had her. *** responds so well to love and nurture and this is exactly what she has received. Thank you!  Y5 parent.

We were very pleased with the report, the helpful suggestions for focus and ***'s progress at Burbage. She loves every day! A massive thank you to Miss Adams for her ongoing encouragement. Y5 parent.

*** has had a brilliant first year at school. We are very proud of her being so friendly and working hard. Thank you to her fantastic teachers. EYFS parent.

We are very proud of ***'s hard work at school and his kindness towards others. This is such a fantastic report and we are thankful for the hard work of his teachers too. Y1 parent.

Such a lovely, personal and informative report. A delightful read regarding ***'s progress, alongside informing us on the fantastic learning experiences and opportunities he has enjoyed throughout the academic year. So touching to hear his voice and reflections alongside those of his fantastic teachers. Thank you! Y2 parent.

We are incredibly proud of *** and his wonderful report. Thank you to his teachers for all of their support in recognising his *** and organising extra resources in order for him to be successful. This has had the most enormous impact on his self-esteem. As parents we are so thankful that his teachers realise how much extra effort *** has to put in and that they understand him so well. Thank you! Y4 parent.

We are so incredibly proud of *** and all he has achieved this year. A huge thank you to Miss Selvey and the Year 6 team for all they have done for him. He is leaving Year 6 happy, confident and with a strong sense of who he is. He has beamed from ear to ear since hearing his SATs results and I can honestly say he has never been so proud of himself. This is down to Miss Selvey’s complete understanding of *** and her skill in knowing when to push him and when to sit back and give him space. We have been kept informed of his progress throughout the year and are confident he has done so well because the staff in his year group care so much about the children as individuals. Thank you for giving him the best possible start to the next stage of his journey.   Year 6 parent.

Quotes from Ofsted (2018)

You are extremely proud of the pupils within your school and are determined that their education within Burbage Primary will prepare them well to ‘love learning for life’. The school is extremely popular within the community. Overwhelmingly, those parents and carers who responded to Ofsted’s online questionnaire, Parent View, believe that their child is well taught and makes good progress and would recommend the school. Parents praised the ‘knowledgeable and caring staff’ and the positive impact their work has on their child’s achievements and their happiness within school. Many told the inspector that they ‘couldn’t praise the school enough’ and that they wished they had attended such a school when they were children.
Pupils said that they ‘love’ their school and enjoy their lessons
Pupils in Year 6 told the inspector that they felt that their headteacher was ‘amazing’. They said they valued the interest he and their teachers showed in them and how much effort had been taken so that they can learn lots of things.

 Quotes from visitors and visits

Just a quick email to say how much the artists enjoyed the visit of the children yesterday. They were so well behaved and interested in all they saw and asked many interesting questions. They were a credit to your school and the teachers and will always be welcome at our events. 

One parent who came on my stand after school, was brought there by her son to see a few of the stands he might have missed!   I hope the children got a lot out of their visit, we all certainly were more than happy to encourage the artists of tomorrow.

Members’ Secretary

High Peak Artists 

Other quotes from parents (2023)

I just wanted to say thank you for giving *** the opportunity to have such a wonderful teacher this year.  Mrs *** is the most wonderful teacher I have ever met. Her ability to raise ***’s self belief and increase her confidence and thus her ability to learn has been amazing to watch. *** has been so proud of herself this year, thanks to the positivity Mrs *** has passed on.

I always new sports day was a really special event for children and their parents, for many reasons.

However, yesterday I observed how happy *** was. Genuinely enjoying herself without any worry or hesitation. In particular I noticed that within ***’s team, there was absolutely no negativity from the older children towards the younger less abled members in their team. Some of the older children clearly were trying their absolute best to complete their section in the quickest possible time and yet showed no disappointment at all when their younger team mates then took their time to slowly and carefully complete their turn. In fact the older more able children were really supportive of everyone in their team and I witnessed *** being congratulated with high fives, talking, laughing and joking throughout. I then looked around and saw this positivity and inclusiveness throughout the other teams.

I’m sure this culture does not happen by chance, so it is a real credit to your school and all members of you team for your approach and hard work over the years that has made this the case.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for teaching both ** and ** while they’ve been at Burbage and opening-up the opportunity for them to start to learn another language. I’m really grateful. 
We chose Burbage because it focussed on children’s personal development as well as their education.  My daughters are thriving at Burbage and I am very grateful to the school for promoting these shared values.  If I had a concern I would feel very comfortable speaking to any member of staff and I would know that they would always have my child’s best interests at heart.
Support over grief has been amazing. 
We’re very happy with Burbage Primary. Our child loves going to school, and as parents that makes us very happy. My son is due to start in September, and he is super excited, as he knows how much his sister enjoys it.