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Burbage Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages

Spanish is taught by a specialist languages teacher from the start of EYFS through to the end of Year 6.  Classes are taught either weekly or fortnightly depending on PPA cover requirements. 

In EYFS, the specialist teacher has devised a Scheme of Work (SoW) based on the National Curriculum that combines songs, games and stories to teach the basics of the language alongside key aspects of Spanish culture that are compared with those in Britain.  The SoW includes activities that cover key aspects of the wider EYFS skills, such as cutting fruit with a knife when we make ‘sangria’. 

In Years One to Six, the specialist teacher has based the curriculum on the topics and sequencing from the Rachel Hawkes curriculum.  This has then been enriched with additional topics and grammar points to widen the cultural and grammatical knowledge acquired.  For example, in Year 3-4, there is a topic on Spanish-speaking countries around the world and in Year 6 there is a term of lessons based on the film ‘Coco’ to study the Day of the Dead festival, revisit topics from previous years and introduce clothes and describing outfits.  Towards the end of Year Six, the immediate future tense is also introduced so that children leave with the ability to identify and use two key tenses. 

In addition to the Spanish curriculum, the specialist teacher offers lunchtime French classes to specific year groups.  Currently, these are available to children in Years 2 to 6 and there are about 50-60 children attending each week. 

 Spanish Long term plan

summary 4 stages of language learning.pdf

 Spanish Knowledge and Skills progression EYFS & KS1

4 yr long term plan eyfs ks1.pdf

 Spanish Knowledge and Skills progression KS2

4 yr long term plan ks2.pdf