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Burbage Primary School

Our School Council

We have a broad and active school council who meet weekly to discuss school improvement matters.  The school council is made up of children from Y2 to Y6 and all members have been voted onto the council by their peers.

Mrs Hall (Y1 class teacher) supports our school council and helps them to organise their meetings each Monday lunchtime.

Recently, our school council have selected the house treats (film for Christmas; Easter egg hunt for the spring term) and been actively involved in the decisions around the development of our trim trail (see below).  The school council have their own version of the school improvement plan and regularly meet with Mr Tierney to share and receive updates.

School Council - trim trail project

Our trim trail is now around ten years old and needed some attention.  Our school council were tasked with the project of selecting a company and design for its renovation.  We invited a company into school to finalise plans for the trim trail work, using the initial ideas below.  

burbage presentation high res 41083 .pdf

 On Tuesday 28th February some of our School Council met with the representative from the trim trail company to ask questions and find out more about the project.  Everyone was very excited to learn that the work was scheduled for the Easter holidays and were thrilled with the final outcome.  Please see the pictures below.  Well done School Council!

House Captains and Prefects

At the start of Year 6, children are able to apply for the role of House Captain or House Prefect.  We have a rigorous application system and pupils are required to write a letter of application alongside a reference.  Adult house leaders select pupils for the roles which include the following (example) roles and privileges:

Roles Privileges

Assist the PTFA with events and activities

Attend events (e.g. EYFS Induction evening)

Read to younger children

Speak in assembly to share information

Tidy / organise areas of the school (e.g. the library)

Judge or lead competitions

Help to organise playground activities

Spend time on the bus at lunchtimes

Sit on the benches during assembly

Attend governors' meetings

Share messages around the school

Have ownership of some website content

Be presented with the House Trophy

Lead / run school clubs