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Burbage Primary School

Finance and Charges

Charges for School Activities – Charging and Remissions Policy

The Governing Body of Burbage School recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including clubs, trips, visits and residential experiences can make towards pupils’ academic, personal and social education.

The Governing Body aims to promote and encourage the school to provide such activities both as a part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of the school and as additional optional activities.


The 1988 Education reform Act required all schools to make a statement about charges for certain activities.

There are two categories where the school may ask parents for financial contribution to meet the cost of an activity.

1)     Where the activity is over and above the routine expectation of what would normally be provided and funded by the school.

Typical examples of activities falling into this category are day trips, admission to museums and theatres, transport costs, professional performances and demonstrations in school and when children are allowed to keep technical models and other resources which otherwise could have been reused in school. Payment for activities in this category will be by ‘voluntary contribution’.  Parents will be informed how much money the school needs to raise for the activity to go ahead.  Individual children would not be prevented from taking part in an activity if they are unable to pay but the school reserves the right to cancel an activity if insufficient funds can be raised.

2)   Private tuition, residential visits, out-of-school-hour activities.

All of these activities are above and beyond the school’s statutory obligation and are only provided if reimbursement to the school’s budget can be achieved. Members of staff supervising these activities are often doing so on a voluntary basis.  In the case of private tuition (musical instrument or other) the cost of tuition is normally paid by the parents directly to the visiting tutor.  The school carries no pecuniary responsibility in this area.


Where the parents of a pupil are in receipt of income support or family credit, the Governing Body will endeavour to remit the cost of board and lodgings for any residential activity organised, if the activity is deemed to take place within the school hours.

In other circumstances of family hardship the Governors may wish the school to remit the cost to certain parents.  Parents in these circumstances should apply in confidence to the Headteacher.

The full text of the school’s ‘Fees, charges and remissions policy’ is available from the Headteacher on request.


From September 2023 School lunches cost £3.25 a day, payable in advance at the beginning of the week.

Parent Pay

Payments can be made online using ‘ParentPay’, please ask in the office for more information. One week’s notice is required for changing from school dinners to packed lunches or vice versa. Thank you.

If you prefer to pay for a term in advance amounts are as follows:


Term 1   £123.50
Term 2   £110.50
Term 3   £97.50
Term 4   £74.75
Term 5   £94.25
Term 6   £117.00
School meal information (click)


We have a Breakfast Club which operates every school day from 7:50 a.m. Advance booking is not required.  Children are provided with toast, cereal and a drink; supervision is provided by members of our own staff.

The cost is £3.50 per day or £16.00 for the full week.

Local Playgroups and Nurseries provide after-school-care and collect children from school routinely at the end of the school day. More information about the Breakfast Club and after-school care is available through school.

Extra-curricular Activities/Clubs

Clubs are generally seasonal because of the weather or the nature of the activity and they focus on specific year groups; please watch out for further information.

When a teacher supervises a club it is voluntary on their part and so we are very grateful when a teacher gives their time to run them. As well as clubs we try to organise visits and visitors; we involve a wide range of coaches for sport; enter many sports competitions and activities and host lessons for violin, viola, clarinet, flute, cello, drums, recorder and ukulele, which are organised via peripatetic teachers working at the school.

The current list of clubs can be found by clicking on the following link:  Extra-curricular clubs