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Burbage Primary School

Remote provision

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our children were taught remotely.  Whilst we dearly hope that this experience will not be required again, in the event of the need for remote provision, please see the following overview of our planning.

Do we have to provide remote learning?

The old requirement that schools were legally bound to provide remote learning expired on 24 March 2022.

Since then, the DfE’s guidance on remote learning has been non-statutory.

At Burbage Primary School, we will provide remote learning in the following circumstances:

School is closed or there are restrictions on who may attend.

This is likely where:

  • We can’t open your school safely
  • Opening our school would contradict government guidance

Individual pupils cannot physically attend school but may continue to learn.

This may apply, for example, to pupils with an infectious illness or those recovering from an operation or injury. 

What would the length of the day be during remote provision?

  • 3 hours a day on average across the cohort for Key Stage (KS) 1, with less for younger children
  • 4 hours a day for KS2

What digital platforms would be used for remote provision?

We will continue to use your existing digital education platform and resources that our school community is familiar with – this is currently Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams.  We will communicate via our normal communication platforms.

Will live or recorded lessons be provided?

We will use a combination of recorded or live lessons during remote provision.  We will use our Microsoft platform for this provision.

Video lessons may be created by our school staff – or we may use content from external providers for high-quality lessons (such as the Oak National Academy).

If we do use live lessons, staff will follow our guidance and risk assessments for these sessions.

We will include time for pupils to work independently, as is appropriate for different ages and developmental stages.

There will be planned opportunities for pupils to receive regular feedback and to interact with their peers.

What SEND provision will be in place?

We will work collaboratively with families of pupils with SEND.

We will put in place arrangements that will allow pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to successfully access remote learning. 

If a pupil has an EHC plan, we will work with the pupil's parents or carers, to consider how you and the LA can meet your statutory duties.

How will attendance be monitored?

As we did during the pandemic, we will have a system in place to check every day that pupils are engaging with remote learning.

We will monitor engagement to identify where there’s a concern, so we can work with those families to find a solution.

How will school meals be managed?

Where pupils eligible for benefits-related free school meals are receiving remote education, we will work with your catering team (DCC) to:

  • Provide good quality lunch parcels, or
  • Issue food vouchers if available