On ‘P.E. days’ , children should wear appropriate P.E. kit to school in order to maximise learning time in lessons.  Please see the specification below.  Class teachers will communicate regular P.E. days with parents and carers.  On all other days, ‘jogging bottoms’, tracksuit trousers, trainers or other items of sports clothing must not be worn as a substitute for school uniform.

P.E. kit should consist of the following: plain shorts, plain ‘T’ shirt and pumps. (plain tracksuit trousers for outdoor P.E. if required.) The kit should be worn to and from school on specified P.E. days. In colder weather, children may wear a school jumper / plain tracksuit trousers on top of their P.E. kit if required.

All clothing including underwear and shoes should be clearly marked with your child’s name.

We do not allow children to wear jewellery of any sort. Watches must be removed for PE. Children are responsible for any personal property they bring to school, including watches. For Health and Safety reasons, earrings for pierced ears should be removed for school. It would be helpful if children wishing to have their ears pierced could have them done at the beginning of a Summer holiday to give them chance to heal. On the very rare occasions children need to wear earrings for medical reasons, then a permission slip should be filled in at the Office.

School Uniform
Tops:School sweatshirt or cardigan in navy, bearing the school logo or white polo shirt bearing the school logo. (These items are available from the online uniform shop run by The Parents and Teachers Association. See link above)
Below the waist:Charcoal grey or black trousers / Skirt.
Shoes:Dark coloured, flat soled, shoes or sandals.
Warm weather alternatives:One-piece, traditional, summer dress, gingham or fine stripe in red/white or blue/white. Sandals or canvas shoes to match.Plain, grey shorts. Hats and caps for outdoors.