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Mr Jon Posnett

Mr Jon Posnett

Year 3/4
A member of the senior leadership team. Inclusion leader (SENCO). Educational visits co-ordinator.
Ms Alison Ling

Ms Alison Ling

Year 3/4
Deputy Headteacher. Year 3/4 leader. In charge of safeguarding and health & safety.
Mrs Claire Evans

Mrs Claire Evans

Year 5
Geography Co-ordinator.
Mrs Sarah Walker

Mrs Sarah Walker

Year 3/4
Art co-ordinator.
Mrs Alice Simmon

Mrs Alice Simmon

Year 3/4

Miss Elizabeth Selvey

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Burbage Primary School’s Year 3 / 4.

We hope the information which follows will also help clarify arrangements and settle your child happily into the next part of their life at Burbage Primary School, based in the Dovedale Building.

Although many school routines will remain familiar, there will be some changes you may notice – particularly as some of our children move from Key Stage One to Key Stage Two.


Each class’ timetable will be slightly different, in order to accommodate the range of experiences we have planned for the children over the course of the year e.g. Class Brass Sessions, provided by Wider Opportunities and Spanish with Mrs Olivia de Jaeger.


This year each class will have two sessions per week with Mr Hill, our Sports coach. Your child’s P.E. Sessions this year will be on the following days:

Mrs Evans & Mrs Walker’s class: Tuesday & Thursday Mr. Posnett & Ms Ling’s class: Tuesday & Friday

Mrs Simmon’s class Tuesday & Thursday.

Children need to keep a PE kit at school (dark shorts, white T- shirt, plimsolls & spare socks please). It is also useful if they have outdoor trainers and either a track suit or jogging bottoms and sweatshirt for use in cold weather. Please ensure that all uniform and other personal belongings are clearly labelled so that we can keep child and their belongings together!

It will be helpful for the children to bring their PE kits into school on the first day of term


Please provide your child with a water bottle which is marked with their name. In addition, the Junior children bring in their own fruit snack, which they eat at 10.45 a.m. after morning break. It will be really appreciated if this is an “easy to eat” snack e.g. a small apple, a pre-peeled orange or a handful of grapes! Please label any reusable containers so that we can make sure they get back to you.


Our class teachers will be Mrs Evans/Mrs Walker, Mrs Simmon & Mr Posnett/Ms. Ling We will be ably assisted by Teaching Assistants – Mrs Michelle Tomlinson, Mrs Jodie Sellors & Mrs Julia Ashmore.

Parent / Carer Sessions We will be holding a special information session for parents & carers in the hall at

5pm on Wednesday 5th September

Where we will tell you more about the year, prior to our more formal Parents’ Evening appointments which will take place later on in the Autumn Term

Miscellaneous (answering specific queries) Children do not need pencil cases & personal stationery items

Musical instruments can be left in the music

The children’s PE bags will be kept in their classrooms & their coats, bags & lunchboxes in the cloakroom.

Prior to the start of the school day children can leave their belongings in the cloakroom area entering via the main door.

After the bell goes, children will enter each class through their individual classroom door. Homework will start after our information session.

On the first day of term we ask that your child keeps all their belongings with them and enters the Dovedale Building via their classroom door, once the bell has rung.

Please  discuss  with your  child  their home- time arrangements so that on the first day they can tell us who is picking them up & from where. Please let the office  staff know of any changes to arrangements by 2pm. Thank you


Among the many things we are going to be doing in the Autumn Term, we will be reading “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” & finding out more about how chocolate is made. We will also be studying Ancient Britain; Rocks, Soils & Fossils – Hence the theme of our Autumn