The school website has been completely revamped and was released in February 2017.

You may recall we conducted a web survey some time ago. We had some very useful responses, the summary of which can be viewed online here:

We have taken on board all feedback wherever possible. Question 5 of the survey sought specific suggestions/feedback etc. Where any points raised were doable these have been incorporated into  the new site.

The key aims for the new site were:

  • Give the site a fresh, friendly, professional and contemporary “look and feel” which improves the delivery of key information for a varied audience and better reflects the school’s identity and “brand”.
  • Retain existing content management system (CMS) to ensure continuity for the staff/governors who updated it.
  • Retain as much relevant content as possible.
  • Streamline the structure.
  • Improve design and layout.
  • Ensure pages and menus are fully accessible and responsive (across a typical range of devices – desktop PCs/MACs/Laptops and handhelds/tablets/phones).

There was one area where we could not address the user’s suggestion which was with regard to the Maths resources. These are located on a third party website and as such fall outside of our control. The games it offers are Flash-based games which no longer run easily on standard Apple products. Apple has not supported Adobe’s Flash format for some time now. The best we can suggest is to look at this article which may help but with the caveat that you do so at your own risk and bear in mind Apple products are very locked down so please give due consideration with regard to how adding non-approved third party software and/or tinkering with the setup might invalidate any warranties etc:

We will continue to develop the site over time.  If you have any queries these can be routed via the school to Mark Warin who is a Parent Governor and a web developer and managed the revamp on behalf of the school.