How can Jungle group help?

Children within the group have the chance to learn new skills and practise them in a small group. Some may have these skills already but don’t have the confidence to demonstrate them in a classroom environment. They will be supported by Sarah Ingleby (Nurture Teaching Assistant). Through activities and play they will develop social skills, co-operation with others, follow rules and build their confidence. It also enables them to build a relationship with another adult at school that can have the time to talk when the children need to.

It is a very structured environment following rules and routines which will help them when they are back in class.  They will be encouraged and rewarded for good behaviour. The aim is to build skills that they can take back to the classroom; playground and home.

When will my child be in Jungle Group?

The year 1 & 2 group is on Monday afternoon, year 5 & 6 on Tuesday afternoon and year 3 & 4 on Wednesday afternoon. The children will be with their usual class for the rest of the time.

How can I find out how my child is doing?

Parents and carers are welcome to visit the group, and talk to staff after school on these afternoons. Alternative appointments can be made, please contact the office to make an appointment with Mrs Ingleby.

If you would like more information the following website may be useful: